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OEM Service

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OEM Service

For finished product service

1. Formal PO required with order descriptions

2. OEM checking list facilitating efficient service(ask from sales Rep.)

E.g. Brand +sensitivity+ format+ specimen+ handle grip +pouch+ pouch printing +IFU +language +Pipette(lancet, swabs, alcoholPads etc.)+dessicant +buffer/diluent +box+ box label +carton +carton label

3. Written form confirmation onPackage art works

4. Written notice required for order changes

5. 5% more or less terms

6. MOQ requirement

7. Supply agreement required

8. Trademark authorization letter required for IPRs protection

For Uncut sheet service

1. Handle grip label

2. Max line label

3. Please send your sample cassette or midstream to ensure a perfect mold match and test quality

Remarks: Sample quantity varies by product category, please contact customer service or sales Rep.for detail.